. D E A T H G R I P S .
.the girlfriend.
The genie boy.
.website banner.
"The twins." New logo/shirt design for a czech band.
I did this originally for Philip Dearest’s zine about suicide, but I like it better colored. Especially those rad blue shoes…
Another poster. Another example of inter-species erotica.
Hi-res you guys! … I keep making these posters because they are a lot of fun and because I get to improvise on almost all of them. This time, I tried to connect those two in some way, so they looked nicely when hung up next to each other. Still struggling a bit with the font use, but as long as the pictures are fine…
I’ve been reading "The Masque of the Red Death" by mr. Edgar Allan Poe again. Amazingly strong and atmospheric piece of short storytelling. And although I am not fully satisfied with the shape of the boy, the geometry and drapes kinda save it for me …
.another quick strip for czech music magazine.
Torso II.