.the model.
.just a few over-the-weekend girly tatoo designs.
.quick one about religion, depression, redemption, forgiveness and hot cocoa. 
Tap dancer’s chest - detail.
Tap dancer’s chest, just to brush up something to start anew. There was going to be a few more stuff, but once I added the gold crown/halo (yes, it’s gold, but you can’t propably see that) I felt pretty done with it.
Tim Kasher is coming near us soon… Tim Kasher is cool. So I did a little thing…
.another little comicy-strippy thingy. little emo this time around…
.another poster.
- a little strip, originally called “50 shades of a mining city” but the scanner’s being a bitch about it, as usual.
Another poster. This time, I had more fun with the colors and typography than I expected.
…oh, and I am also newly at Instagam (over here - http://instagram.com/haluzzik ), hopefully I’ll be posting sketches and shit so don’t be shy and follow …
I started only recently drawing again, and this is one of the things to get me going again. A poster for a very pleasant gig in Czech Republic, the theme was “Death of disco”.
a gig poster for some friends of mine, bringing some awesome groups to Czech republic. Hopefully, first of many….