I’ve made myself a little BDSM wall decoration, just above the bed…
"The tempter" strip, printed in Full moon magazine #41 
. D E A T H G R I P S .
.the girlfriend.
The genie boy.
.website banner.
"The twins." New logo/shirt design for a czech band.
I did this originally for Philip Dearest’s zine about suicide, but I like it better colored. Especially those rad blue shoes…
Another poster. Another example of inter-species erotica.
Hi-res you guys! … I keep making these posters because they are a lot of fun and because I get to improvise on almost all of them. This time, I tried to connect those two in some way, so they looked nicely when hung up next to each other. Still struggling a bit with the font use, but as long as the pictures are fine…